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Raw honey is honey that has not been processed, filtered, or heated beyond temperatures that occur naturally in the beehive. This means that small amounts of pollen and propolis remain in the honey.

Our hives are located in the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains that surround the Malibu and Los Angeles area.

We are able to get different varieties of honey based on the seasonal native California flowers. Our wildflower honey is year round, Sage Honey is March to May, and Buckwheat Honey is May to October.

If you notice your honey becoming harder and lighter in color, it's likely crystallizing. This is a natural occurrence in honey and doesn't indicate any issues with its quality. If you prefer a runnier consistency, you can easily address this by placing the jar in a warm "bath." Simply use a bowl larger than the jar, fill it with hot water, and submerge the jar in the water. Allow the honey to gently warm up until it reaches your desired consistency. This simple method helps restore its smooth texture while preserving its natural goodness.

This is small amounts of pollen and propolis! Since we use limited filtering for our honey, some pollen will make its way into the honey, but there is nothing to worry about.

No, Unfortunately we do not offer local pickup for online orders. However, you can find our honey at any WholeFoods, Erewhone, Gelsons, or Bristol Farms in Southern California.

Southern California: In Southern California we have the largest distribution and you can find our honey at any of the following stores; WholeFoods, Erewhon, Gelsons, Bristol Farms and many other small grocers. Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada: You can find us at any of your local WholeFoods!

We recommend storing it at room temperature. Honey doesn't expire so it doesnt need to be kept in the fridge.

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